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"Our Client's Success is Our Success"

Ultra Quick Host - or UQH, as we are fondly called, is a professionally run Web Design, Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration studio based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

In addition to web design, web hosting and Domain Name Registration, UQH Web Design Studio, owns and administers the highly successful top 10 "Happenings" advertising websites portfolio, in addition to the administration of numerous website for satisfied clients both in South Africa and internationally, including Mozambique, Swaziland and New Zealand. The internet allows global web design and web hosting, regardless of where one is based.

Take a look at some of our Website designs

Most of our small business are rated within the top 10 on all major search engines - no small feat - due

to the full search engine optimisation included in the price of each and every web design by UQH.

There are few web design and web hosting companies that can compete with our low prices - and

many of those who offer cheaper web design and web hosting, simply do not have the "know-how",

training, or the back-up to enable them to provide a reliable service. They come and go - leaving the

client stranded, with no way of accessing their website ever again. Millions of redundant websites are

"floating" around out there. Don't let yourself become one of them. If you are in this position,

contact us and let us help you to re-host and re-design so that your website begins to work for you!

We - unlike many other web design and website hosting companies - supply our clients full IP address

details, to ensure that they are never in the position of not being able to access their websites.

UQH does complete lay - out designs, logo creations, small text and image changes and, best of all,

search engine optimisation - all included in the price.

With UQH, there are no hidden cost.

Try us.......... you'll like us


  • We care about you - you are not a number - we like to meet our clients (not always possible)

  • You can call or e-mail us anytime and we will respond within 24 hrs.

  • We offer affordable solutions to hosting your website (see our rates)

  • We care about the performance of your website

  • We continuously seek out ways to improve your website's performance

  • As a client, you have exclusive access to our Web-Marketing Knowledge base.

  • Check out super-affordable design rates that are modern, attractive and, best of all, mobile friendly!!

  • For websites designed by us, we do free submission to all the major search engines.

  • For websites designed by us, we optimise your websites so that they are highly visible to the search
    engines - and we have a REMARKABLE success rate!

  • We provide you with a link to comprehensive statistics on traffic to your web

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Web Design
Your website needs to be designed, not only for optimal impact, but to also be user-friendly, informative and what the searcher is looking for! You need an attractive, quick-loading and informative website. You need to be clear about your reasons for wanting a website. Go to our Designing Websites page for tips and further information.

You website host need to be reliable, affordable and helpful. Find out more about this and the affordable solution that UQH offers by visiting our Web Hosting page.

This is a job for the experts! There are billions of websites out there! You need to be in the top 10 on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. How do you get there? Visit our Web Optimising page to find out more.