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Website Design

Ultra Quick Host Web Designers and Web Host offers the easiest way to host your small business website or personal web site.
Ultra Quick Host is a highly reliable, value added web hosting company, dedicated to the highest levels of customer support and overall client satisfaction.


  • We care about you - you are not a number - we like to meet our clients (not always possible)

  • You can call or e-mail us anytime and we will respond within 24 hrs.

  • We offer affordable solutions to hosting your website (see our rates)

  • We care about the performance of your website

  • We continuously seek out ways to improve your website's performance

  • As a client, you have exclusive access to our Web-Marketing Knowledge base.

  • Check out super-affordable design rates that are modern, attractive and, best of all, mobile friendly!!

  • For websites designed by us, we do free submission to all the major search engines.

  • For websites designed by us, we optimise your websites so that they are highly visible to the search
    engines - and we have a REMARKABLE success rate!

  • We provide you with a link to comprehensive statistics on traffic to your web

The Three Areas for a Successful Website


Your website needs to be designed, not only for optimal impact, but to also be user-friendly,

informative and what the searcher is looking for!
You need an attractive, quick- loading and informative website, which is also search-engine

friendly, so that your website is pulled up by the major search engines as being relevant to the

keywords which potential clients may use.
You need to be clear about your reasons for wanting a website.


You website host needs to be reliable, affordable and helpful.
Find out more about this and the affordable solution that UQH offers by visiting our Web

Hosting page.


This is a job for the experts!
There are billions of websites out there, and if SEO was as easy as adding in descriptions

, titles and keywords, everyone would be No1 on Google !!!!!!!!
So how do you get your website to be found by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo,

MSN, AOL etc, so that they list you in the top 10?
Visit our Web Optimising page to find out more.

There are two main reasons to have a website:

1. You need to refer people to your website: It gives you credibility within the marketplace.
2. It provides the ideal market place for your product PROVIDED THAT YOU ARE FOUND BY MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc
3. Optimising your site involves far more than just adding keywords.
4. Linking to other sites is not the answer. There are many factors that need to be taken into account.
5. Having a high page ranking will not ensure that you are found by the search engine - although it certainly plays part
6. Search engines are constantly changing their search formulas You need to stay on top of the changes.
7. No company can guarantee that they will be able to put your site in the "top 10". However, the professional website optimiser certainly stands a far better chance of achieving good results, than the amateur.

The difference between a Web Designer and a Graphic Designer?


Basically, what Graphic Designers do is concentrate on the "artwork" side of a website. Very often, a graphic designer, when constructing a website, will make use of an automatically-generating programme, where at the touch of a button, he can insert various active elements onto a web page. These can make a website look vibrant and attractive and "professional". However, the html code which these programmes insert into the page, are usually not search engine "friendly" and in fact, clutter up the source code with meaningless formulae. Website, designerd by Graphic Designers are often slow to load and open, and are not found well (if at all) by search engines. Graphic Designers are often so focussed on the appearance of the website, that they insert images which appear small, yet are in fact large, )pixel-wise) and take long minutes to open.


A true Web Designer focuses on a balance between artisic appeal and true functionality. Web Designers are trained to work directly with the HTML - or Source Code - which enables the "crawlers" sent out by search engines, to correctly categorise websites so that they are pulled up by the search engines when search terms are entered. Simply adding page titles, descriptions and a selection of keywords, is not enough to get your website found by the search engines. SEO is a far more complicated procedure, and a secret that is closely gusarded by any successful web designer. Contact the professions if you want your website to an efficient business tool for your comapany. Contact UQH !!!